I’m a travel writer, novelist and broadcaster; writing for most of the UK quality papers – I also write and present documentaries for Radio 4 and the World Service.

Ideally you’d find me nosing around bazaars in East Africa or chilling on Himalayan mountain passes rather than at home. Widely travelled, I’m convinced I suffer from fernweh or far-sickness because of my inability to stay in any one place for too long. It’s my nature.

I’ve ringed the world in search of good stories, going to all sorts of lengths to get them. Recent near-death experiences include escaping a lynch mob in Jaipur; surviving a hit-and-run in Hanoi and dodging crocodiles after falling from a boat at the source of the Nile. This gives the erroneous impression I’m Action Man… not so.

When not on the road you’ll find me in north London writing – devising documentaries, presenting and contributing voiceover to TV docs. Recent radio includes: “Polar Bear Kebabs”, “Living with Chico Mendes” and “The Priest of Para” for the World Service and programmes for Radio 4 including a homage to The Who: “Happy Birthday Tommy Walker”.

I’ve written two novels, “Not Dark Yet” (Review 2002) and “The Africa Bar” (Review 2004) and I’m a trustee of the Limehouse Arts Foundation.

All work by Nick Maes is protected by copyright

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  1. Hi Nick
    We have both read Africa Bar and used it as great referencing for our recent visit to Stone Town.
    Currently languishing in Pongwe discussing the impact Zanzibar has had on us: the history, culture and architecture.
    We live and do voluntary work in Malawi and coming here has been like stepping out of a black & white film into glorious technicolour!
    Have a good Bank Holiday.
    Kindest regards
    Steve & Helen Rowley

    • Hi Steve and Helen, thank you for getting in touch, and I’m glad you enjoyed The Africa Bar… If you’re staying in Zanzibar for a while longer, then try and get up to Pemba for a few days (it’s like Zanzibar was thirty years ago!) Enjoy your holiday, best Nick

  2. Hello sir- I’m a blast from the past- Shooting Stars – millennium year- a friend of Liz – found your book- Not Dark Yet just now- hope the life has been treating you marvellously! – happy festive season- Renae

    • Hello Renae, what a pleasant surprise… funnily enough I was only thinking about Shooting Stars the other day; happy days. I was writing The Africa Bar back then. Have a wonderful Christmas; and here’s to a wonderful 2022

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